VINTAGE IS UNIQUE! Wearing vintage assures that you will stand out from the crowd in an outfit that accentuates your personal style. When you wear a vintage garment you are wearing a rare piece of clothing that may very well be the only one of its kind left. Older vintage items were produced in much smaller quantities than the mass-produced clothing of today, and out of that small quantity our best guess is that most are no longer around. Many older items are in fact one-off pieces that were tailored to a specific client.

VINTAGE HAS A POSITIVE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT! Conscious fashion is in and modern fashionistas need to care about the environment! The production of textiles uses up large amounts of resources, such as water and energy, as well as release carbon and byproducts of starch, paraffin, dyes, pesticides and other harmful pollutants into the air and soil. Buying vintage clothing allows you to look good while promoting a cleaner and healthier future!

QUALITY! We live in a society of mass produced goods and a fashion industry that embraces quantity over quality. New textiles have been invented that dilutes valuable fibers and welcome synthetic replacements.  Much modern clothing suffers from easy wear and tear and colors that bleach and wash out. This is not the case with vintage fashion. Vintage clothing was made using sturdy quality fabrics with great expertise, including details, buttons, and flourishes you will not find on garments today. If you take the time to examine most vintage pieces you will notice much greater attention to detail in textiles, patterns, textures and stitching.

Vintage fashions were designed to last.

VINTAGE HAS HISTORY! Vintage garments are not just beautiful pieces, they each tell their own story. When you buy vintage you are not just purchasing something from a factory but a piece of history that tells you something about the era in which it was crafted. Whether it be a 50s wiggle dress or a 60s mini dress it all tells a story of the woman who wore it or the designer who made it – as well as what kind of world they were living in.

Vintage items are pieces of nostalgia that have seen life and survived - still looking stunning and stylish.

VINTAGE IS AN INVESTMENT! If a design can withstand time, then it is a solid investment. There is a collectible market for vintage clothing and many pieces increase in value over time. Most modern garments, however (unless you buy haute couture), will lose value the second you take them off the tag. As vintage and antique clothing becomes increasingly rare, these garments and accessories are frequently bought by museums and designer archives to fill gaps in their collections. We believe all of our items have stood the test of time, through demonstrated durability and uniqueness.

VINTAGE IS THE SOURCE OF INSPIRATION! It's no secret that plenty of the fashion world's top designers liberally borrow many of their styles straight from vintage pieces. Industry insiders have long been scouting through thrift stores and flea markets for unique vintage finds. A growing number of celebrities are similarly asking their stylists to source for vintage fashion to ensure that they are seen wearing one-off yet trendsetting or iconic pieces.

Appreciate the past to stand out in the present!