Our fascination with vintage fashion began at a young age. Growing up together in the Danish countryside, we loved spending time going through our parents past wardrobes, and trying on their homemade '70s garments - or better yet, our grandmothers’ attics, which provided a garment wonderland. The Danish countryside also offered a multitude of yard sales where we could hunt for affordable treasures. As we grew older we would jump on the train to Copenhagen to explore the many famous thrift stores in the capital of Denmark. Although buying vintage garments was not necessarily a cheaper option, it offered something a new piece of clothing will never do, a story! We loved to imagine the previous life of the garment. The unique pieces we purchased always generated reactions from people around us and often a desire to own something equally unique. 

As we went on thrifting our appreciation and fascination of the quality and construction of vintage garments started to grow. We found textiles that no longer exists, admired techniques that has receded as a result of mass production, and attention to detail that has since been lost. We began to understand how the garments mirrored the cultural and political climate of their time, reflected in the different fashion revolutions through the 1900s. Following the turn of the century’s Belle Epoque, came the short, loose Charleston dresses of the 1920s. 1947 gave rise to Dior’s New Look, which was followed by the ‘mini’ trend of the ‘swinging’ '60s and the maxi-style and hippie-look of the 1970s.

We have both lived in Malaysia on and off since 1999 and have found that the only thing missing is an outlet for our love for vintage. With the rise of mass-produced, throwaway high street fashion we have felt a growing interest and passion for vintage clothing. To finally share this passion, Vinter Vintage brings a treasure trove of Scandinavian vintage gems to Malaysia.   

We continuously travel Scandinavia developing contacts, educating pickers and building sources to royal and historical collections. All the timeless pieces in Vinter Vintage are of high quality, specially handpicked, well curated, collectible finds. Fashion lovers have traveled for fashion all through time and so our Scandinavian collection include labels from all over Europe and even US. Nevertheless, we are inviting you into the Scandinavian vintage closet. We are strong advocates of the idea that every stylish woman should make vintage clothing part of her wardrobe.

As crusaders of vintage we are here to advise, educate and share our passion with you. Please feel free to contact us if you should need advice, assistance, sourcing or items for concept design, shoots, films and so on.